The Rare Species of African Greenbul Never Actually Existed, Researchers Say – Capitalberg

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Follow The rare Liberian greenbul has never actually existed Ornithologists have recently made an incredible discovery regarding a bird species in Africa. Previously, this species was regarded as elusive and extremely rare, but further research revealed it never actually existed. The discovery came after 30 years in which researchers have been trying to [...]

End of the world: Tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes ‘for SEVEN years’ start October 15 –

Mr Meade believes that our planet will eventually be destroyed by the natural disasters which he says will start from October 15. The doomsday researcher cited other sources as he claimed we are in for a horrific “seven year tribulation”, before the earth is eventually destroyed. He believes the chaos will be triggered by the [...]

Trump’s NASA Pivot – The Atlantic

“Most of the people who are Mars-centered worry that we’ll get stuck on the moon, all the resources available will be focused on lunar exploration, and the idea of getting to Mars will slip indefinitely into the future,” Logsdon said. “Rather than lead in space, too often, we have chosen to drift.” Chris Carberry, the [...]

Climate change: Warming soils may intensify Earth’s temperatures, warn scientists – Zee News

New Delhi: At a time when climate change has the world in a tight grip, a recent study has issued a warning saying that, warming soils are releasing more carbon, thus creating a dangerous feedback loop that could further increase the temperature of Earth than estimated. Most of the research regarding climate change and its [...]

MSU researcher’s work contributed to Nobel Prize in physics – Great Falls Tribune

FILE – In this Feb. 11, 2016 file photo astrophysicist Neil Cornish, co-director of Montana State University’s eXtreme Gravity Institute, poses for a portrait at Montana State University in Bozeman, Mont. Cornish and a team of 1,000 scientists worldwide, helped prove the existence of gravitational waves created by the collision between two black holes. The [...]

Scientists think they’ve finally solved the mystery of the ‘alien megastructure’ star – Business Insider

The mystery of the “alien megastructure” star may finally be settled. In 2015, a rumor spread about the star KIC 8462852. It was proposed that the star might harbor an alien race. The rumor stemmed from the star’s unusually unstable brightness. One explanation for the behavior was an alien megastructure called a “Dyson swarm.” Now, [...]

What does the Moon 4bn years ago and Yahoo! towers this week have in common? Both had an awful atmosphere – The Register

Our Moon had an atmosphere visible from space almost four billion years ago – thanks to volcanic eruptions on its surface spewing a concoction of gases at a rate faster than they could escape the heavenly body. A NASA study published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters this week describes our ancient rocky companion in [...]

Early Humans Formed Social Networks To Avoid Inbreeding – Tech Times

Even our human ancestors from over 30,000 years ago may have seen the dangers of inbreeding and devised complex social structures to avoid them. Could this explain the survival of some hominin species while the others died out? Early Human Awareness The mystery of the origins of humanity is a topic that continues to amaze [...]

Focus: Three-Way Detection of Gravitational Waves – Physics

Three detectors are better than two. Previous gravitational-wave detections (and one “candidate” detection) by LIGO’s two interferometers were associated with large regions of the sky (large, colored ellipses). But the latest event was spotted by Virgo as well, allowing the collaborations to localize the source at least 10 times more precisely (bright green region). Pinpointing [...]

There’s a Climate Bomb Under Your Feet – Bloomberg

Long before most people ever heard of climate change, scientists divided a patch of Harvard University-owned forest in central Massachusetts into 18 identical 6-meter by 6-meter squares. A canopy of red maple and black oak trees hangs there, looming above the same stony soil tilled by colonial farmers. Rich in organic material, it was exactly [...]

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