Christopher Hitchens on BBC World News.

June 1, 2010. Christopher Hitchens interviewed on BBC on his memoir Hitch-22. For more videos and updates on Christopher Hitchens, please visit
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Team Iran continue their dominance in wrestling after beating hosts the USA in the final of the 2015 Freestyle Wrestling World Cup to claim the title for the 6th time which is their 4th consecutive…

33 Comments for “Christopher Hitchens on BBC World News.”

  1. chrish12345

    Hitchens was just too big for the bbc and the UK, all this went over her
    head I’m sure

  2. theonlyantony

    A couple of weeks before he announced he had been diagnosed with cancer. 

  3. jjoneil73

    Sadly Hitch has lost his battle with cancer but his legacy will live on…
    R.I.P comrade.

  4. Goldman3040

    @pakarpis People aren’t supportive of the U.S. now that Obama is president.
    The international response was pretty much “thank God they didn’t fuck it
    up again”. Besides, your politics have become an absolute joke now that you
    have people like Palin and the Tea Parties taking up so much of the spot
    light. So I “insulted” your whole nation because you fucking deserve it.
    The U.S. has been an embarrassment on the international stage for a long
    time now. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings :(

  5. ian long

    @hugoegbert79 Coming from a yank, I´ll take that as a compliment.

  6. libby role

    @Goldman3040 As an American abroad I disagree with your statement. People
    have become very supportive of the US now that Obama is president. I will
    not continue this argument by saying what I have heard about Canada. To
    insult a whole nation because you were angry at one American makes you as
    guilty as he is of nationalism and petty personal attacks. What is your

  7. Yakslipper

    @uninvolved Hitchen’s didn’t say that in the video. I raised the point. I
    am pointing out your complicity, although above you appear to be arguing
    that it is just complacency…as though that was better. If you choose an
    inactive position, fully aware of the consequences, then that is the
    definition of “complicit.” You might not like the label, but it fits. You
    could argue against it, but I guess I’d have to bring up your denialism

  8. strepsil08

    @hugoegbert79 62% of Iraqis voted in the last election, a far more reliable
    and heartening statistic than any opinion poll. The crimes commited by the
    coaltioin were completely abhorent. I could also add a few of my own to
    that list, the torture of Abu Ghrab for example, i found particularly
    disturbing. But why are the numerous atrocities commited by the Baathists
    not given near as much limelight by the anti-war left? Answer: because they
    are hopelessly ignorant and incredibly myopic.

  9. Goldman3040

    @lesnem You’ve also contributed the KKK and George W. Bush so it really
    doesn’t fucking matter if you gave us Mark Twain. This is what people think
    of your country. It is hated more than Iraq/Iran/NorthKorea. Enjoy knowing
    that you live in the single most despised nation in human history.

  10. TomValedro

    @DrakeWeAreLEAVING LOL

  11. kosand1984

    what was proven wrong? his arguments for the iraq war certainly not!

  12. uninvolved

    @fubintien That’s great. You sure called me out. Of course, you
    conveniently forgot to provide an argument on the topic at hand.

  13. mmyyppaarrttyy

    @DrakeWeAreLEAVING yeah, what the hell is this teeth thing all about? It
    seems a desperate last insult which Americans use when they can’t think of
    anything else.

  14. MrCuntyballs2U

    A rich mans George Galloway

  15. MrCuntyballs2U

    @yatter1 You tube this is YouTube all conversation meaningless other than
    one more distraction from dying

  16. Yakslipper

    @uninvolved I’m not mixing complacency with complicit at all, and now you
    misuse or misunderstand “fallacy.” Look, it’s OK not to agree with
    Hitchens, but using spurious reasoning when doing so doesn’t add to your
    argument. So, quote the point where Hitch engages the fallacy.

  17. uninvolved

    @Yakslipper I rewatched the video and noticed that hitchens didn’t actually
    say the leftist protesters in american were complicit or anything like
    that. He slipped in extremists marching with jihadists to give that
    impression, quite skillfully. So we’re both arguing a point that wasn’t
    even made. That’s partly my fault and yours for not calling me out on it…
    shame on you. I’d add that if Hitchens thinks we haven’t provided an
    explanations then he’s been living under a rock.

  18. Non Busi

    @Goldman3040 . Communism is a combination of economic as well as political
    philosophies. Most communist governments based their ideology on
    Marxism-Leninism. To further my point, socialism (political philosophy) was
    described as the first phase of communism (political and economic).

  19. ian long

    @hugoegbert79 there´s no debate to engage with. just you talking out of
    your arse.

  20. libby role

    I think you can always love two countries Mr. Hitchens. I am glad your an
    American citizen too! I do think though that going to Iraq was a big
    mistake being that it had little to do with 9/11. We cannot save the world
    from bad governance. The world does not want us too or thank us for it
    either. Europe made the right call on Iraq and Afghanistan. I will always
    love you for supporting Cyprus!

  21. uninvolved

    @Yakslipper I’m just pointing out and obvious strawman and obvious false
    dichotomy fallacy on the part of Christopher and yourself. It’s highly
    intellectually dishonest to say there’s “de facto support” for a
    totalitarian regime. You can be non-interventionist and against
    totalitarian regimes abroad. Just because you are against a war doesn’t
    mean you automatically support the “enemy” as it were. This is a bushism
    and highly disingenuous.

  22. SethHesio

    @sgtmcwallace Good use of the word distillation there..

  23. SethHesio

    It’s odd and rather pleasant to see him in a conversation where he’s not
    having to be combative. I love seeing his debates, and he always wins, but
    it’s good to see him in a peaceful state. Get well soon Hitch.

  24. geeoogle

    Hitchens, thanks for releasing me from my mental jail. Truly you are the
    ultimate teacher who has taught me to think and not just follow. Thanks for
    helping me to distinguish the hypocrites among us.

  25. fubintien

    @uninvolved Ah, and here we have it: the slovenly grammar, the copying of
    your antagonist’s opening, the merely stating as fact that which you’ve
    been asked to prove, the petty moralizing, the flash of a bit of rhetorical
    terminology . . .

  26. tom ramzi

    Respect to both Teams !!!!!!!! Good Job !!!!!! hope for better days !!!!!

  27. PressTV News Videos
  28. Stand_4Liberty.

    Iran 1 US of AIPAC 0.

  29. kiaaan420

    Go Iran ,,,we are so proud of you ,IRAN NUMBER ONE AGAIN.

  30. SoonySalvador

    Bravo to both Iranian and American sportsmen.

  31. Sam Al

    Thats pretty frikin awesome!

  32. thehassanhashemi



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