Stronger than diamond, more conductive than copper and more flexible than rubber. A miracle material that might once have been resigned to science fiction is fast becoming science fact. Composed…

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  1. Archangel Raphael

    the biggest APPLICATION would be merging this technology with the nano
    cloaking devices being developed

    ‘we the sheeple’ are being turned into lower life forms with each and every
    new MONITORING device that is being developed …. there are always two
    sides to each technological leap.

    one step forward and two steps backward?

    good and bad

    problem is that IF there is profit to be made even though the idea is bad,
    it will see the light of day

  2. Mantikal

    Life from this tech ..
    1. My Shoes are my perpetual recharging batteries because their constant
    bending motion
    2. My under wear is another battery because of the body heat they’re
    3. My Jacket’s sleeve is my flexible key board.
    4. My jacket is my PC
    5. My pants are my data storage medium
    6. My glasses are my video monitor
    The airplane pilot will say “please turn off your clothing while we’re

  3. Alexandre Cabreira
  4. Mantikal

    It will add a whole new dimension to the term “Spy Wear” – 1TB. of stolen
    gov, secrets in a discarded – used condum !!!

  5. Nicholas Rupert

    And again. 

  6. Bertrand Jubault

    Gaphene world, we need it ASAP! Open source and free of rights for the

  7. 2014andBeyonD

    Ah, so we the people don’t have acces to it because the military already
    does. Thanks again.

  8. MrSplinter1984

    will it blend ?

  9. doobiescoobie

    Why does this guy talk like the bad guy from matrix?

  10. simrie

    very exciting

  11. fishtheorange

    Like bullet-proof vests? Already done.

  12. Sean Eaton

    It was only a matter of time and money. The price of graphene has been
    dropping gradually as better ways of mass manufacturing the material has
    been invented. Its been a painfully long wait (Im 15 and first found out
    about this material when I was 12) but FINALLY we are going to see it
    action. For other examples of what this material could do for electronics
    is create phones, tablets and T.V’s which are super thin, light,
    transparent and bezeless. Oh and did I mention unbreakable? ;)

  13. 33333guitarman

    Holy shit this is cool. It’s kind of scary to think what we might be able
    to do in a few years.

  14. RHAddict


  15. Morph Verse

    Flexible Smartphones people!.

  16. zuralias10

    Absolutely! It would be very difficult to puncture but I think because it
    is so flexible, there would have to be some sort of bracing to keep it from
    transferring the bullets energy.

  17. Asmodeus555

    I doubt it.

  18. Logan Lorenz

    This clip wasn’t edited very good. The intro didn’t even include the

  19. arch571332

    The body armour would be strong and would store heat/light energy to power
    muscel wire. It would be better than an iron man suit. Now it can be made
    cheaply with a cd burner. The possibilities are amazing!

  20. Wade Marley

    Get me a nice 70″ Tv made of graphene, a nice car made of graphene, a
    smartphone out of graphene… graphene made of graphene… Lol this
    material is awesome I hope I’m still alive to see it in action everywhere,
    I’m only 20 so I got good hopes that I will…

  21. WanderAbroad

    WHEN it becomes commercial there will be a MASSIVE amount of things that
    can come out instantly. The only issue is the need for cheap ways to easily
    manufacture pristine graphene. It has already been discovered by one
    company but they said their not going to share the secret. Because of a
    monopoly so to speak we’re stunted… meanwhile they sell it for $40,000 a
    kilo. (a 1 gram sheet can cover a football field)

  22. Skinhat

    I wonder if they could put layers together and make some sort of body
    armour with it.

  23. honeys babe

    get all updates here GrapheneBiz”dot”com

  24. Ollie Stark

    That would be pencil lead.

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