#Revolution spreads to America [RAP NEWS 7]

Before there was #OccupyWallStreet there was #OccupyWisconsin. It’s 2011 and amid a flurry of political leaks and revelations, revolutions have rolled across North Africa and The Middle East….

The Russian ruble continues its scorching ascent, improving 3% against the dollar and nearly 4% versus the euro, the best performance in over four months – READ MORE http://on.rt.com/j13qzk…

48 Comments for “#Revolution spreads to America [RAP NEWS 7]”

  1. Fadi A

    Tunisia has been the most successful to make a proper democratic government
    after bringing down the tyranny of the past dictator <3, I’m proud to have
    been one of the youth to protest!

  2. dakito fey

    ….the best part was when glen beck killed himself…a man can hope…a
    man can hope.

  3. petej222

    Americans drive on the right side of the road not the left side.

  4. geeepoint

    #Revolution spreads to America [RAP NEWS 7]

  5. Michael Shaw

    No more mean pepol

  6. Wayland Smith

    ROTFLMFAO you’re vids are AMAZING juice!!!!! This one esspecialy, I’ve
    never laughed so hard before! EPIC!!!!

  7. Milton Muñoz

    Hello Rap News!!! You are amazing, congratulation for your information… I
    am from Bolivia and I do rap too… i like the idea to mix rap and

    I recomende to do a rap new of Capitalism vs Communist (Socialist… and
    all the branches…troskysmo, stalin Mao Cuba etc.)
    Realeted with “the theory of class struggle as the motor of history”

    And talk more about latin America… the indigenas in resisten and the EZLN
    in Mexico ;)
    Cheers and Revolution 

  8. xSheepz

    why did they flash the anon mask on the blond guy :p

  9. Rand Babs

    worst Glen Beck impression, you didn’t really capture his particular
    douchiness. but, you guys are still awesome, rap news for life.



  11. Timlin71

    Palestine has never looked so cute

  12. Joan Evans

    If only the average american would get out on the street and revolt ….

  13. Alek Day


  14. helio loureiro

    Juice Rap News:7

  15. canadathegreatest

    LOL @ Justin Bieber being the 12th imam

  16. Dexter Lecter

    Getting worse. What’s with all this anti-white BS… This was stupid.

  17. R.A.W.W. - Raising Awareness World Wide

    The Juice Media – #Revolution spreads to America [RAP NEWS 7]: #Revolution
    spreads to America [RAP NEWS 7] Before there was #OccupyWallStreet there
    was #OccupyWisconsin. It’s 2011 and amid a flurry of political leaks and
    revelations, revolutions have rolled across… From: thejuicemedia

  18. Ayman Farah


  19. Nexdom

    why cant i play these Revolution videos but all other Juice News play
    regularly? it loads but the video stays black and it wont play.

  20. Mazzawak

    the predictions of Marx are being fulfilled 

  21. Prokhor Ozornin

    Американская “исключительность” стала исключательностью – правом исключать
    из мира неугодных людей, правительства, страны и народы, начиная с геноцида
    коренного населения северной америки завоевателями. Но и на такого рода
    исключителей находится свой исключатель – иногда в лице части того же

    P.S. Немного иронии по теме.

    #Revolution spreads to America [RAP NEWS 7]

  22. ngọc tiên phạm

    i love american

  23. gerelyn rosario


  24. Antonio Santos

    Hey Obola how bout more sanctions ?? More sanctions more defiance by the
    Russians ..quit playing checkers while Putin is playing chess..how bout
    paying your 18 trillion dollar debts 

  25. BruceBlitzHasTits

    i’m gona pick me up some rubles this monday!

  26. Kenneth Knoppik

    I f****** knew it I f****** knew it!!!! I am so sick and tired of hearing
    all those assholes screaming about how weak the Russian economy is and how
    strong the American economy is. the Russians have a huge amount of reserve
    currency.experts have been saying for the past 6-7 months needs to use some
    of that money to defend its currency. although they say it would be
    expensive , they also said it was easily achievable. even though the gas
    prices were lowered to to weaken the ruble, it looks like the opposite has
    happened.Western economies are failing and all the edge of collapse. the
    eastern economy’s going to work within their own economies exclude the
    West, or at least United States.but I’m sure you’re still going to be some
    people out there live in a bubble and just keep repeating over and over
    again the Russian economy is feeling the Russian economy feeling even
    though its not. it’s our economy that’s on the edge of ruin because the
    criminals responsible for the 2008 financial crisis has never been
    prosecuted and had been allowed to grow even larger and more powerful than
    before. the next financial crisis that happens will topple everything.

  27. Occupy The Polls

    Russian Miracle: #Ruble becomes world’s best performing currency in 2015.

    #RussiaBansMemes v. #WhatReallyMatters

  28. Rakel Spektakel

    There was a COUP in Sweden in December. There should have been a new
    election, but instead it was a coup.
    Sweden is now run under maffia rule and under martial law. Anything goes.
    They are planning, and/or preparing for, aggression towards Russia.


    Russian Miracle: Ruble becomes world’s best performing currency in 2015

  30. Günther Lehmann

    Obola will cry.

  31. Squash

    funny how the US trippled its budget for counter rt propoganda this year
    and the pro us comments here have tripled.

  32. Mohamed Kayse

    HA! And that is why…..Ameripigs will cryyyyy ;) 

  33. zarfii

    Eat Putins shorts Barry. Soetoro is looking more and more like the boy he
    always was. How long before the US becomes a third world nation ? Thats if
    the psychopaths in Washington dont throw the toys out of the cot and start
    WW3, which will finish us all. The US really need to kick this fuck and 90%
    of congress into touch,

  34. Sherezade 786

    What occurred with Ruble shows the corruption and manipulation of the
    western banking system.
    Russian economical stability is strong and with no way to counter the
    positivity of Russia the U.S and its slaves used its only tool to punish
    Russia with economic sanctions. The Rubles rise has shown Russia’s
    economical strength in the face the dollars deathly decline! 

  35. Anticapitalist X

    It looks like the US imperialist sanctions against Russia can’t do shit to
    the Russian economy, but only improves it.

  36. Richard Taylor

    Yeah this wasn’t anything Russia did this is due to smart investors in the
    west buying low and selling high that is all.

  37. leon cooper

    New World Order Russia & China ! Brics + AIIB banks!!

  38. Alexa Athens

    Do you believe in miracles?


  39. sevens2

    The Ruble is still much lower than it was in 2014…LMAO, the Russian
    economy is still in shatters..

  40. Meta Patriot

    A Ruble a Dollar and a Shekel go into a bar, the Ruble orders a vodka the
    Dollar orders a whiskey and the Shekel orders a …

  41. Steven Mcdonell

    Ruble was 36 per dollar as of this time last year, now its 53 per dollar.

    Any idiot can look at the USDRUB monthly chart and see of overwhelming

  42. Ameripigs Willcry

    This will fit just here:

    Ameripigs will cry and rage ;D

  43. StormyWeather21

    1 USD= 53 RUBLES…… This is a success?? Lol

  44. vonkaunaz

    Since the U.S. launched its criminal war of aggression against Russia using
    the Slavic brother nation and people of Ukraine as its pawn, President
    Putin has played a fundamental role in constructing new economic and
    geo-political blocs, and has met and signed economic, political and
    military deals with leaders of countries from around the whole world:

    Eurasian Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan);
    BRICS development bank;
    Chinese gas/energy+cooperation-friendship-economic deals and alliances;
    South America;
    etc, etc, etc…

    The U.S. and its criminal moribund puppet EU?
    Real busy spreading hate, division, destruction, war, lies and fabrications
    in as many places as possible; their latest and proudest “achievement”
    being the financing, installation and complete unrestricted support of the
    First Coup Regime in Europe in the 21st century:

    A criminal puppet junta in Kiev that has murdered more than 6,000 Ukrainian
    citizens, who is approving “laws” that recognize and foster pro-nazi
    banderist torch parade criminal filth, turning Ukraine into the purest form
    of tyranny and dictatorship.

  45. Nuno Pestana

    I’d thank anyone about ideas about how to start a petition for 5 countries
    (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus)… and maybe a 6th (Ireland) to
    carry referendums concerning to belong or not to the Euro. Thanks for any

  46. freeeeeeedom no rulers

    errr Houston the sanctions are not working arhghghghghghhhhh heh heh heh
    funny as fuck , you cant make this shit up , arghghhghhh ha ha ha

  47. darkjedi351

    I have a fist full of rubles honey, take it off!

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