UFO’s Aliens Cyborgs Trans humanism deception Demons 2015

UFO’s Aliens Cyborgs Trans humanism deception Demons Fallen Angels Postmodernism Emerging Emergent Church Mysticism ISLAM religion mythology Black Magic Alchemy 2015 November 2014 …
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  1. Utoo B Heavenbound


  2. Utoo B Heavenbound

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  3. TheChoujinVirus

    I don’t understand why christians think that aliens are demons? Are they
    afraid that extraterrestrial life will somehow destroy the bible or god?

  4. Johnathon Doughzier

    To see other films by the actual author of this video, check out
    FaceLikeTheSun here on YouTube. There is Age Of Deceit 2 available there as
    well on his channel, and Gonz does updates on current events almost daily. 

  5. Matthew

    This video is anti-Jesus Christ! Therefore this video is anti-Christ…

  6. Brian Thompson

    UFO; u Full Of malarky…

  7. Anthony Wright

    Alien deception is more tangible than the Catholic/Christian deception



  9. u2bheavenbound


  10. kidcalabria

    Around 3.45 in this video a man called Jay something (I can’t read his last
    name clearly) is talking about the Nag Hammadi Library, the Archons, etc..
    and it’s all shown – in the general context of the video – as something
    positive, worthwhile, trustworthy, truthful. A bit later the term “Gnostic”
    is used as a negative and derogatory term, connected to the occult, and
    hence satanism, etc.. But the Nag Hammady Library’s texts and the Gnostic
    texts are one and the same thing: in fact the Nag Hammadi Library is
    generally known as The Gnostic Gospels. So, there’s an inconstency there,
    and I wondered if the video’s maker was aware of it. One can’t have it both
    ways: either the Gnostics (which is actually a loose term to indicate
    different groups of the earliest Christians – the Sethians, the Manicheans,
    the Valentinians, etc.. – who often held different beliefs and who were all
    wiped out by the Catholic Church, including their Gospels, finally
    discovered at Nag Hammady, Egypt, in 1945, not ’47 – by the way) were the
    “baddies” or the “good ones”. I realize that to fit all the hisrorical info
    in 40 minutes is not easy, but here too many things are lumped together in
    a dubious way, like the connection between alchemy and Zoroaster. This just
    cannot be established, simply because no scholar, researcher or academic
    can establish for sure when Zoroaster (who is the initiator of monotheism,
    before biblical tradition) was around, as in the cases of Pythagoras or
    Homer, for instance, since they’re so remote in time. I read The Hymns Of
    Zoroaster and other similar texts and never found anything to do with
    alchemy. Perhaps later Zoroastrians might have been into alchemy; that is
    possible but irrelevant as far as declaring that originally alchemy was
    essential to early Zoroastrianism.
    Nonetheless, I appeciate the scope of the video and I think that you’ve
    done a terrific job. Well done, thanks.

  11. saulm453

    The black lady at 30:00 so unbelievable due to when host asks how does she
    fly out of solar system the black lady says “in a U.F.O, a flying saucer”
    wouldnt she know the name of the craft of the beings she has sex with? Like
    we see a large 2 winged craft we call it an “airplane” a faster smaller 2
    winged craft a “jet” dummy thinks u.f.o is the name so the beings must
    think their craft is unidentified flying object too…hilarious.

  12. Titus Robertson

    It truly is a change of heart, the Flesh cannot stop sinning, but the
    Spirit overcomes it supernaturally! Great Upload! Thank you! 

  13. John Guttink

    Very hard to listen to because the music is to loud.

  14. love each other

    worth your time please do

  15. Jeremy Fisher


  16. Patty Blevins

    Appreciate you making this video. And your testimony. I have shared on fb
    and pinterest, on several boards on pinterest.

  17. Karen Michelle Jebril

    I know its not your fault, but I have a hard time watching 240 res. 

  19. Buffer Zone

    What do YOU think. What if the alien race that built the pyramids around
    the world….return….and discover that the human race has raided and
    robbed all of these tombs for their gold and artifacts? Will they be
    merciful? Will they want it back? Who will be accountable? Where did it all
    go? Houston….we have a problem.

  20. jail bird

    Christians are psychopaths.

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